McEwin, Angus

Angus McEwin is the founder and Managing Director of Monsoon Carbon. For the last eighteen years, he has been living and working in South-East Asia, and during this time, he has become very knowledgeable of the region, its power systems, and environmental markets. During this time, Angus has established a wide network of project developers, attribute traders, and corporate power buyers. He supports stakeholders across the value chain to issue, trade, and consume RECs and other environmental commodities.

Founded in Singapore in 2011, Monsoon provides services related to climate change, particularly the environmental attributes of renewable energy, including International Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon offsets. Monsoon is authorised on both the I-REC Standard and the TIGR Registry and manages the RECs for over forty renewable energy projects across the globe, from Uganda to Indonesia. For the 2020 vintage, Monsoon sold approximately one million RECs to its network of buyers, and the business is growing fast.

Angus has a Degree in Natural Resource Economics and a Master of Environmental Science, and is a widely recognized expert in originating, sourcing, and managing RECs and carbon credits.