Braslawsky, Jared

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Jared Braslawsky is a leading expert on the use, implementation, and functionality of attribute tracking systems such as the United States REC, European Guarantee of Origin (GO), and the global International REC Standard. His expertise is used by organizations such as RE100 where he is a member of the Technical Working Group. He has participated in workshops, technical meetings, and informational webinars for RE100’s members (with over 200 corporate renewable electricity consumers). He was a key contributor to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Scope 2 Guidance document and supported the GHGP in organizing workshops to promote the guidance document when it was completed in 2015. 

Jared has played a leading role in the development and growth of the Guarantee of Origin system in Europe through his role as Secretary-General of RECS International. Jared is also the Co-founder and Executive Director of the International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC, a not-for-profit organization for energy attribute tracking standardization that enables the simplified implementation of reliable, traceable REC systems, and national renewable energy markets in adherence with electricity market regulations and best practices worldwide.