Boisson, Matthieu

Matthieu Boisson leads the project CertifHy, financed by the FCH JU (Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) to drive the development of an EU-wide H2 GOs scheme and to develop a new certification scheme for hydrogen as a RED2-compliant renewable fuel.

Now Manager at Hinicio, a consultancy company specializing in the hydrogen sector, Matthieu is a computer science engineer specializing in energy markets and energy attribute tracking systems with 9+ years of experience in the energy sector. He worked 5 years at Powernext setting up the French Issuing Body for electricity guarantees of origin and participating in the development of the European Gas Trading Platform PEGAS. Between 2017 and 2020, he worked as a managing consultant at Yélé, leading the development of the company’s consultancy offer regarding energy markets.

Matthieu has led 20+ projects and has a track record of numerous advisory missions related to power and gas guarantees of origin, renewable energy procurement, PPAs, flexibility for grid operators, market participants, industrial players, and market operators.