Schennen, Rodolphe

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Rodolphe Schennen has worked in the European Energy markets since 2003 as Trader of Electricity, Gas and Emissions for BKW, GM&T and Eneco.

In 2013, he founded Greenhub Ltd, and also created the brokering of Energy Tracking Certificates at Commerg Ltd. He developed the first successful trading platform for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in 2014 which is known today as the Arena. Managing Director of Commerg, Rodolphe is passionate about promoting the GOs as a voluntary mechanism to widespread future energy policies. He transformed Commerg from a small off-standards power and gas broker into a major marketplace for Energy Tracking Certificates. Commerg, as name-passing-broker, promotes transparency via various reports and fixed minimal fees.

Rodolphe Schennen has a MA in Political Sciences and a MA in Business Management.