Chen, Shengjun

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Dr. Shengjun Chen, the CTO and VP of Concord New Energy Group, also serves as the chairman of Edge Power Technology. Concord New Energy Group is an international renewable energy investment enterprise with a 4000MW installed capacity, while Edge Power Technology is its wholly-owned subsidiary that develops markets in the US, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and other countries.

Dr. Chen founded and served as long-term vice chairman of China Energy Storage Technology and Industry Alliance to promote energy storage technology and industry development in China. He also participated in establishing the Energy Storage Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society as a member. Additionally, he founded and served as vice chairman of China Supercapacitor Industry Alliance and has been a technical expert on energy storage for various Chinese government ministries.
With over 20 years’ experience in lithium-ion battery development and industrialization along with onboard energy storage power supply technology, Dr. Chen holds more than 40 patents successfully applied in new energy vehicles, rail transportation, and electric power fields.He has witnessed both domestic and international developments within China’s battery industry while understanding global trends in battery development. His perspective will bring insights from Chinese battery enterprises along with green development ideas.