Hao, Jie

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Dr. Jie Hao is a prominent leader in the development of green gas accounting standards, math modeling in climate solutions, green finance, and carbon emissions market development in China. With a strong foundation in mathematics, Dr. Hao spearheads the mathematical modeling for China’s Carbon Emission Market. 

Dr. Hao is co-author for the textbook “Carbon Management Systems and Practices for Public Institutions” and has contributed as a co-author to two significant green gas accounting standards: “Requirements and User Guide for Carbon Management Systems” and the “National Public Institution Carbon Management System Industry Standard (Sep. 2024).” This latter standard is set to be implemented across 1.6 million public institutions in China. 

In his esteemed career, Dr. Hao has occupied several prestigious roles. He has served as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Carbon Neutrality Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association and as the Director of the China Globalization Think-Tank. Additionally, he has been the Executive Vice President of the US-China Business Council. His academic contributions are noteworthy; he has been a guest professor and invited lecturer at several renowned institutions, including Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, the Harbin Institute of Technology, Renmin University, and Tec de Monterrey.