Valuing consumer action”

The theme of the REC Market Meeting 2024 is “Valuing consumer demand.’ This year’s conference offers a varied programme for veterans as well as those new to renewables markets and will take place in a world where renewable energy markets are under more scrutiny than ever before. We are seeing the introduction of new regulations on corporate reporting of energy use, the development and revision of international standards related to energy attribute certificates, and continued high prices for European GOs. These trends are resulting in growing scrutiny on how renewable energy markets function, and the value they bring.

Given the success of previous years, the REC Market Meeting will again run a programme with three parallel streams. Each session will highlight different ways of valuing consumer action and markets in the transition to 100% renewable energy. The streams will collectively cover topics that cater to the interests of more delegates from more countries than ever before. They will have an opportunity to hear from actors across the Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) value chain, including regulators, system operators, producers, traders, buyers, and end-users.

Track A: Europe in focus – Focusing on key European topics, these sessions will cover recent market, legislative, and system developments at both national and European levels.

Track B: Global markets and initiatives – Providing information and insights into renewables markets around the world, these sessions will explore key national and international developments in detail.

Track C: EACs in practice – Designed to be particularly informative for those new to renewables markets, these sessions will allow delegates to understand essential aspects of energy attribute certificates and ask the questions to which they need answers.

Who will be attending the REC Market Meeting in 2024?

Below are the registered organizations attending the REC Market Meeting conference in Amsterdam on 16&17 April 2024.


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