Line Riise Jensen

Line Riise Jensen works to develop solutions that help companies and societies transition to renewable energy while building profitable and sustainable business models. Corporates are coming together to collaborate and share best practices in initiatives like RE100. Such corporate engagement impacts the demand for renewable energy and is challenging the traditional power industry as we know it.

For 17 years ECOHZ has been a leading company in the European Guarantees of Origin market. This position has provided the company with unique insight into the production and sales of renewable electricity, and with an extensive European network of renewable power producers and developers.

Line has more than ten years of experience in the renewables sector and has contributed to developing Ecohz’s sales of renewable solutions to large multinational customers. She is now Director of Sourcing and Business Development at ECOHZ and continues to raise awareness of how companies can become energy neutral by consuming renewable energy with Guarantees of Origin in Europe, RECs in North America, and the international I-REC(E).