Nelson, Ken

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Over the course of his 20 year career in natural gas and then power trading, Ken Nelson watched as new technologies and a changing regulatory environment reinvented the North American energy sector, and in 2008 he brought his broad energy background to the environmental markets.  In his current role as the co-founder and president of Blue Delta Energy, his Connecticut (USA) based firm provides comprehensive EAC support to their clients who range from municipalities, cooperatives and public agencies to private equity and pension funds as well as commercial and industrials.  Blue Delta’s role is to serve as a stakeholder in designing and implementing the legislation and regulations that underpin the various EAC markets, then translate those policies into actionable strategies, and finally execute on those strategies by transacting in the markets on behalf of their clients.  He also currently serves as a board member and chair of the Policy Advocacy Committee for the Environmental Markets Association as well as Vice-chair of the Board for MRETS.