Seebach, Dominik

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Dominik Seebach is Deputy Head of Oeko-Institut’s Energy & Climate Division (Freiburg) and has been working in this field as a researcher and project coordinator since 2005, following previous activities at ifeu-Institut for Energy and Environment (Heidelberg, Germany) and at the EC DG JRC (Ispra, Italy). 

Due to his manifold research and consultancy projects on the national and on a European level, he has proficient expertise in the field of RES-E markets and the role of consumers in the context of additionality. This includes electricity fuel mix disclosure, tracking systems for electricity (e.g. guarantees of origin), voluntary green electricity markets, accounting of green electricity in carbon footprints, and green electricity labelling. Dominik has coordinated relevant projects on the European level, including the IEE-funded European project „Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe – Phase II“ (RE-DISS II). Furthermore, he has been responsible for the implementation and operation of the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) in Germany (until 2013) and is Chair of the Board of EnergieVision e.V., a non-profit organisation applying the ok-power label for green electricity in Germany. More recently, he has extended his field of activities also on the emerging sector of hydrogen certification.