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Mr. Naveen Sharma, Whole Time Director at EKI Energy Services Ltd. is playing a leadership role in transforming the ecosystem to capitalize on the emerging business landscape. Naveen is especially passionate and committed to breaking down barriers. Naveen believes that selling is a process-driven, empathy-led and knowledge-intensive discipline. He has been associated with EKI for over 12 years and is responsible for running major facets of the business. Translating business strategy into actionable goals for the growth of the company, Naveen proves that the land of success is owned by doers. He prides himself on rapidly assessing market opportunity, building superior teams, understanding the value of a customer, and driving consistently exceptional results. He believes passionately in leading by example and has proven experience in delivering a positive business impact. He is a creative genius with thought-provoking ideas and carries the determination to take action toward those ideas. He has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic at EKI along with a commitment to success. He possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense. Naveen holds an MBA degree with – Specialization in Upstream Asset Management and along with vast work experience, he has also undertaken umpteen projects and completed them successfully. At EKI, he is responsible for looking after Carbon Offsets Trading and has traded more than 50 million credits to date.