Simard, Franck

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After having worked 4 years at EDF as an energy efficiency auditor for big industrial customers, Franck has been leading the department for the Energy Transition in the French overseas island of Mayotte between 2016 and 2019. There he published the first Smart Grid Road Map of the local utility company. In 2019, Franck joined the department for optimization and trading (O&T) of EDF (acting as the Balancing Responsible Party for all historical EDF activities in France – supply of ca. 40millions customers and optimization of 56 nuclear reactors, >300 hydropower plants…). Franck is part of the Regulation and Project team. He oversees making the most of the Guarantee of Origin from EDF’s Hydropower plants portfolio (~30TWh), while sourcing the intern supplier for its green offers as well as selling part of the GoOs on the European market, in partnership with EDF Trading. Franck is also leading the EDF project aiming at putting in the market the EDF’s nuclear GoOs as soon as the French regulation will be ready.