Tošić, Nikola

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With a comprehensive background in energy regulation and project management, I have spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at shaping and enhancing the landscape of the energy market. Leading various teams and projects, I’ve demonstrated expertise in a multitude of areas, ranging from legislative development to IT system implementation.

As the Head of Project Teams, I’ve played pivotal roles in the formulation of rules for capacity allocation, guarantees of origin legislation, and balancing market development. Additionally, I’ve led significant projects such as AIB joining and the implementation of cross-border mFRR exchange processes with neighboring countries like Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.

My leadership extends to the realms of tender specifications and public procurement, where I’ve served as both a leader and a member, ensuring efficient and transparent processes within EMS. Moreover, I’ve championed the implementation of critical systems including the BRP Register in Serbia, Market Management System, G-REX and Capacity Allocation System (DAMAS), showcasing my prowess as a project manager.

In the regulatory sphere, I’ve been actively involved in tasks such as coordination with neighboring TSOs and regulatory agencies, as well as contributing to transparency regulations and risk management efforts.

My expertise also encompasses IT systems essential to the energy sector, including DAMAS Unicorn, G-REX, MMS Novita, and ENTSOe transparency platform, among others. Furthermore, I’ve been a key participant in international cooperation projects such as Crossbow, Trinity, AIMS, and EMMI, reinforcing my commitment to fostering collaboration on a global scale.

In my capacity as a representative of EMS, I’ve served on the JAO Steering Committee, driving strategic decision-making processes. Additionally, I’ve lent my expertise to the development of market strategies in Serbia and contributed to the formulation and implementation of energy laws and regulations.

With a deep understanding of energy law and extensive experience in contract negotiations, I’ve played a crucial role in forging agreements with market participants and BSPs. Furthermore, my proficiency in transmission losses procurement, accounting, scheduling, and energy supply contracts has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the energy market.

As a dedicated professional, I remain committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the energy sector, with a relentless focus on advancing market efficiency and sustainability.