van der Heijde, Bram

logo of van der Heijde, Bram
Bram van der Heijde has recently joined the AIB Secretariat as EECS Quality Officer, where his main task is maintaining and furthering the high quality standards in the European Energy Certificate System (EECS), and guiding EECS’ evolution following policy and market changes.
Bram is an expert in energy system integration: he obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from KU Leuven, where he studied the integration of energy storage in district heating and cooling systems. After his graduation in 2019, Bram served as a regulatory adviser at the Flemish energy regulator VREG, where he helped developing a regulatory framework for district heating systems. At VREG, he got acquainted with Guarantees of Origin and AIB, working as a member representative to AIB. In 2022, he was elected chair of AIB’s Gas Scheme Group. Before joining AIB, Bram was briefly associated with Delft University of Technology as assistant professor in sustainable heat grids.