Verwimp, Katrien

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With 20+ years of experience in energy certificate system management and design, Katrien is helping energy-tracking system facilitators worldwide with the optimization and auditability of their certification scheme.

Katrien is the strategy coordinator for the European Energy Certificate System in the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), which in Europe sets a standard for guarantees of origin for various energy carriers like electricity, gas, and hydrogen. She is the coordinator of the EECS Gas Scheme Group and chairs AIB’s auditors’ team.

She also helps quality-assuring and updating the EnergyTag standard for granular certificates that facilitate the temporal and geographical matching of electricity production and consumption. She feeds standardization tracks in CEN and ISO with expertise in energy origin tracking. Through the Enunda Academy, she provides masterclasses & trainings on energy origin tracking.

Before 2020, she worked with VREG, as the electricity and gas regulator in Flanders-Belgium, issuing body and disclosure supervisory competent body as ‘Coordinator – Origin of energy’.