Werner, Robert

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Robert Werner is a co-founder and managing director at Hamburg Institute. His consulting focus lies in corporate and political consulting on climate neutrality and decarbonization as well as strategy and business development for companies in the energy industry. He has already led numerous consulting and research projects on climate strategies in industry and on verification systems for renewable energies, like GO4Industry. His team is currently supporting the Federal Bureau of Environment (Umweltbundesamt) setting up GOregistries for Heat, Cold, and Gases (biomethane and hydrogen). Further, Hamburg Institute leads a project to examine latest developments of the German green power market.

In addition, he is the managing director of greenmiles GmbH, a subsidiary of Hamburg Institute specialising in carbon management, climate reporting and climate financing.

Before founding the Hamburg Institute, the graduate of geography and economics worked for ten years in the renewable energy sector as a CEO and managing director. His professional experience includes the establishment and development of companies, electricity and gas procurement and sales, the construction and financing of wind, water and photovoltaic plants, and the storage industry. Robert Werner has known and analysed energy policy for over 25 years. After his studies, he first worked as a management consultant and as a consultant for energy taxes and energy policy as well as a research assistant at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Mannheim.