Dubey, Stuti

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Stuti Dubey is the Executive Director of D-REC Foundation, the non-profit behind D-RECs, a specialized market instrument that enables small-scale, Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) projects in the Global South to participate in the I-RECs economy.

With over 19 years of transformative leadership across the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Stuti’s journey began in banking, notably at Deutsche Bank focusing on SMBs, before assuming strategic roles in a multi-sector conglomerate. As the founder of a boutique consulting firm, she led international expansions and transformation projects across several countries. Stuti was also the co-founder of an Indian non-profit for violence prevention among underprivileged adolescent girls.

Stuti’s academic credentials include an Executive MBA from HEC Paris, with dual specialization in Energy Transition and Climate & Business. She has executive certificates from Babson College, ESMT Berlin, and FDC Brazil. Noteworthy is her work with a French financial institution on sustainability strategy where she contributed to their first green bond launch.

In her current role, Stuti is leading the D-REC Foundation’s mission for a clean, just, and equitable energy transition through D-RECs, which serves as a high-impact verification label for EACs issued as I-REC(e) under the I-TRACK Standard. The socio-economic and environmental benefits of the underlying DRE projects of the D-RECs are attested by the Foundation, playing a pivotal role in channeling critical climate finance. This strategic resource mobilization facilitates broader access to energy, advancing the Global South’s transition towards sustainable development and equitable energy solutions.