Klesse, Eva

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Eva Klesse has been working at KlimaInvest, a leading provider of renewable energy in Germany, since 2015 with a strategic focus on guarantees of origin, innovative renewable electricity projects, climate-neutral gas products, the German emissions trading system and other emission reduction products. Eva heads one of the sales teams at KlimaInvest. Here she develops sustainable solutions for energy suppliers and corporate clients in Germany. Her focus is on the transformation of energy suppliers and their products to renewable energies and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Eva holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Science and before joining KlimaInvest she worked on international projects for the German Development Service in Latin America and the German-African Business Association in Hamburg/Africa. Today she is a member of the RECS Energy Certificate Association Board and a market expert for green electricity and climate-neutral products for energy suppliers and private/corporate customers in Germany.